HamGeek HGA37 70-900MHz Walkie Talkie Handheld Transceiver AM FM UHF VHF Radio w/ Color LCD

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1. Full frequency band (8 frequency bands to receive and 6 bands to transmit):
- FM: 65-108MHZ (radio broadcasting function)
- AM: 108-136MHz (aviation AM reception)
- VHF: 136-174MHZ (receive/transmit)
- VHF: 220-260MHZ (receive/transmit)
- UHF: 350-390MHZ (receive/transmit to the permission of the relevant department)
- UHF: 400-470MHZ (receive/transmit)
- UHF: 470-520MHZ (receive/transmit)
- UHF: 700-900MHZ (Pay to customize the frequency. MOQ is 500pcs)
- BLE: 2.4GHzISM (Optional Bluetooth function)
2. Support Chinese display:
- The channel name is displayed in Chinese, and the user can select the commonly used service industry as the working channel name in the menu options
- Its name can displayed in Chinese: the user can select the commonly used machine No. 1-50 in the menu options. Users can also edit their favorite local name or channel name in the PC computer or mobile phone Bluetooth APP writing software, which is convenient to identify their own walkie-talkie and working groups, and avoid taking the wrong walkie-talkie or calling the wrong channel
3. Voice scrambler: Advanced version of private calls can be realized, and calls will no longer be eavesdropped
4. Stun; killing of walkie talkie and reviving
5. The function of copying other people's walkie-talkie frequency points with one key and breaking frequency within three seconds. This function can also be used as a frequency sweeper, and you can see the frequency points and sub-audio of other people's walkie-talkies, which is very convenient to use. Using the sixth-generation frequency pairing chip, it can crack various encryption, various encryption systems, and match instantly without waiting.
6. Each walkie talkie can choose or edit its own ID name
7. Facilitate communication. Each channel can edit the Chinese name, which makes it easier to find your own group and other people's groups, and can solve tedious problems such as remembering the frequency of others every time, and the channel is easy to send errors
8. 256 channels for A/B, 512 channels can be stored in total
9. Dozens of functional menus to meet the needs of new and old HAMs
10. DTMF, 2-tone, 5-tone, different frequency span
11. The call end tone can be selected by Hong Kong police signaling
12. Support wireless Bluetooth programming (optional). Say goodbye to cumbersome frequency, channel name, local name and other function settings. These can be quickly edited via Bluetooth connection to the APP
13.Support wireless Bluetooth transmitter to connect Bluetooth headset to realize hands-free operation (optional function)
14. Support external PTT (optional)
15. You can scan the last QR code of the menu to view the instructions for use, upgrade the equipment, and download software, etc.

1. Working frequency band (8 frequency bands)
● FM: 65-108MHZ (radio broadcasting function)
● AM: 108-136MHz (Aviation AM reception)
● VHF: 136-174MHZ (receive/transmit)
● VHF: 220-260MHZ (receive/transmit)
● UHF: 350-390MHZ (receive/transmit to the permission of the relevant department)
● UHF: 400-470MHZ (receive/transmit)
● UHF: 470-520MHZ (receive/transmit)
● UHF: 700-900MHZ (Pay to customize the frequency. MOQ is 500pcs)
● BLE: 2.4GHz ISM (optional Bluetooth function)
2. Working mode: frequency mode, channel mode
3. Digital FM radio broadcasting
4. Can display and monitor two frequencies at the same time
5. 50 sets of standard CTCSS (supports non-standard subtone) and 105 sets of DCS
6. Separate settings for transmitting sub-tone and receiving sub-tone
7. TOT function
8. Voice encryption (frequency hopping function)
9. 8 step frequency (2.5k, 5K, 6.25K, 10K, 12.5K, 20k, 25K and 50k)
10. Power saving mode (normal power saving, super power saving, and deep power saving)
11. Support frequency scramble and off-grid functions
12. VOX
13. Busy channel lockout
14. Low power warning, battery voltage display, and high and low power prohibition
15. Automatic backlight
16. Three channel display modes (frequency, channel number, and channel name)
17. Three scanning modes (time, carrier, and search)
18. The frequency difference direction is optional in frequency mode
19. In frequency mode, the frequency difference frequency can be selected between 0-99.9995MHZ
20. Channel parameters can be edited and stored in frequency mode
21. 256 memory channels, A/B2 group, a total of 512
22. Emergency alarm
23. Frequency sweep function (one key to break the code and break the frequency can be used as a frequency detector)
24. DTMF codec function
25. Call end tone optional (with Hong Kong police signaling end tone)
26. Support boot interface customization
27. Computer programming
28. Support wireless Bluetooth writing function (optional)
28. Support wireless Bluetooth voice and external PTT function (optional)

Package Included:
- 1 x Walkie Talkie Body
- 1 x Battery
- 1 x Antenna
- 1 x Power Adapter
- 1 x Charger Dock
- 1 x USB Charging Cable (not for programming)
- 1 x Belt Clip
- 1 x Hand Strap

- Bluetooth function is optional. The default version is designed without Bluetooth.

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