HamGeek RDS-998 FM MW LW SW SSB Radio Receiver USB LSB BFO Ham Radio Receiver w/ Color Touch Screen

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Normal fiyat $88.42
Normal fiyat İndirimli fiyat $88.42

- HAMGEEK RDS-998 radio receiver with gorgeous color touch screen for excellent visual experience
- Various desktop styles can be switched to meet your needs
- Support program upgrade
- FM high sensitivity reception
- Unique SSB Ham signal reception
- Support power-off memory
- Radio stations can be searched automatically and manually
- Support headphones
- Dual antenna interface (support medium wave and external antenna)
- 5000mAH large-capacity rechargeable lithium battery
- 2W high-power speaker
- HAMGEEK shortwave radio with matte metal case
- Detachable telescopic antenna with SMA interface

Function Introduction:
- Broadcast frequency reception range: LW 153~279kHz; MW 520~1710kHz; SW 2.3~30MHz; FM 64~108MHz
- Amateur radio (HAM) reception: Support USB, LSB mode free switching, and CW telegram mode, with BFO
- Spectrum display: Support
- Broadcast storage: Support
- Manual scanning: Support
- Automatic scanning: Support
- Input number to search: Support
- Desktop style switching: Support
- Screensaver power saving mode: Support
- RDS information: Support
- Battery level display: Support

- Dimensions: 88 x 30 x 120mm/3.5 x 1.2 x .7" (LxWxH)
- Battery capacity: 5000mAh rechargeable lithium battery
- Speaker power: 8Ω 2W

Package Included:
- 1 x HAMGEEK RDS-998 radio with touch screen
- 1 x Telescopic antenna
- 1 x MW antenna
- 1 x USB data cable
- 1 x Pair of earphones

Introduction of Interfaces:
After powering on, the interface is shown in the figure below. The function keys of the touch screen are described below:

After powering on, click the "NEXT" function key to enter the next desktop interface, as shown in the following figure:

Spectrum Display and Operation:
After clicking the "SCAN" button in the figure above, it will display as shown in the following figure

Once the scanning is complete, the detected receptible broadcasts are shown in the image above. A purple stalagmite-like position indicates that there is an audible broadcast here, and the length indicates the strength of the signal. The stalagmite-like width represents how much of the frequency band is occupied. The wider the stalagmite-like width, the better the sound quality.

Each time the "SCALE" button is pressed, the frequency width of the scanning will be 1MHz, 10MHz, 100KHz and 500KHz. During the scanning process, the radio being listened to will be automatically muted. At the end of the scanning, press the "PAUSE" key to turn on the sound. To change the station in this desktop mode, you need to rotate the TUNE knob at the top of HAMGEEK RDS-998 and twist the red pointer of the display to the middle of the purple stalagmite-like position to hear the broadcast clearly.

"STEP" button is used to change the radio step you are listening to (0.1MHz for FM radio in China. The step is 9KHz in AM mode, which is commonly used for medium wave. In SW listening mode, it is recommended to adjust the step to 5KHz).

Vintage Pointer Desktop Operation:
Press the "RETRO" key (see Figure 2), and the display interface is as follows:

The display of this interface gives the feel of a retro analog radio. The "CITY" function key (made by a Russian source developer) is for the built-in FM radio stations in major Russian cities and the main MW and SW frequencies. With the exception of Russia, this function button has no practical meaning, but it does not affect the listening effect. Twist the top TUNE knob to listen to your local FM radio.

Click the "BAND" button, the screen will display 5 preset SW, LW, MW and FM stations, and display them in traditional pointer mode as shown in the figure below.

Listen to FM radio with the pointer displayed on the desktop, and the background sound will be cleaner and more thorough.

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